Microstructure evolution in CRCS processed strips of CuCr0,6 alloy

J Stobrawa, Z Rdzawski, W Głuchowski, W Malec
2010 Archives of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering   unpublished
Purpose: The aim of this work was to evaluate the ability of a continuous repetitive corrugation and straightening (CRCS) technique in creating ultra fine grained copper-chromium strips as well as to determine the microstructure evolution and its influence on grain size refinement. Design/methodology/approach: Tests were performed with the 0.8 mm thick CuCr0,6 strips using original die set construction. The changes of mechanical properties as well as microstructure evolution versus circles
more » ... versus circles number of deformation were investigated. The microstructure was investigated using optical and electron microscopy (TEM and SEM equipped with EBSD). Findings: The CRCS process effectively reduced the grain size of a CuCr0,6 alloy strips, demonstrating the CRCS as a promising new method for producing ultra fine grained metallic strips. Generally, the mechanism of grain refinement and microstructural evolution during CRCS of CuCr0,6 alloy strips is similar to that observed in other high/medium stacking fault energy materials deformed by SPD, i.e. via dislocation manipulation and accumulation. Any effects connected with mechanical twinning were not observable. Research limitations/implications: Investigation results are limited to the initial material in annealed state. Further investigation should focus on the description of influence of deformation-supersaturation-ageing sequence on strengthening effect. Practical implications: A growing trend to use new copper-based functional materials is recently observed worldwide. Within this group of materials particular attention is drawn to those with ultra fine or nanometric grain size of a copper matrix, which show higher mechanical properties than microcrystalline copper. Originality/value: The paper contributes to the mechanical properties of precipitates strengthened ultra fine grained copper-chromium alloy strips obtained by original RCS method and to the microstructure evolution.