Numerical and Experimental Studies of the ŁK Type Shaped Charge

Dariusz Pyka, Adam Kurzawa, Miroslaw Bocian, Marcin Bajkowski, Mariusz Magier, Janusz Sliwinski, Krzysztof Jamroziak
2020 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, the authors presented an analysis of the strengthening of the cumulative jet by the appropriate formation of the detonation wave front acting under the influence of high pressure on the liner. The analysis of the Polish ŁK cumulative charge was carried out using numerical methods in the ABAQUS program. Simulation studies were carried out on axial and peripheral initiations of the explosive cumulative liner. For this purpose, two types of cumulative charges were made with the same
more » ... made with the same design parameters, differing only in the explosive detonation-initiation system. The impact of the elastomer insert on the focusing of the cumulative jet was verified. The influence of peripheral and axial initiation on a cumulative jet's velocity was investigated. The authors proposed a new conical insert placed in the explosive between the pocket for the detonator and the liner, also changing the material of the cumulative liner. The smoothed-particle hydrodynamics method was used to describe the formation of a cumulative jet. The obtained results were verified experimentally, and they show that modification of the ŁK charge has a positive effect on jet amplification, with an inevitable collapse in the final stage of formation. The obtained results correlate with the literature's data.
doi:10.3390/app10196742 fatcat:mhkj5ju7hbbtfhsnipu3p6mmga