Theoretical Limits on the Properties of Low-Velocity M-Dwarfs [chapter]

P. Biermann
1975 Dynamics of Stellar System  
Using a version of the Toomre-criterion (Toomre, 1964) for a mixture of stellar populations, limits are derived for the kinematical properties of the newly discovered population of low-velocity M-dwarfs (Weistrop, 1972; Murray and Sanduleak, 1972) ; these stars are claimed to be a large massfraction (> 0.5) of all stars in the solar neighbourhood and to have only 10 km s~l velocity dispersion. They could make up for the locally missing mass (Oort, 1965; Schmidt, 1974). It is found that a
more » ... found that a configuration of stellar populations with the M-dwarfs included (having such properties) is not stable in the sense of the Toomre-criterion. The limiting stability properties are given.
doi:10.1007/978-94-010-1818-0_30 fatcat:rezjh2htpndjjfl3j36iaoem24