1913 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
transmitted by close contact and by the use of infected towels aid handkerchiefs or by personal uncleanliness. The illness occurs often in several members of the same family, and starts often in early youth. In the discussion, it was pointed out that atrophy of the bone is primary, and the atrophy of the mucous membrane a secondary manifestation. All speakers agreed on the necessity of a general investigation, all over the world, of ozena cases, if the bacillus of Perez . should be the actual
more » ... iologic factor, the hitherto so unsatisfactory treatment of this disease would undoubtedly bee.6 more hopeful, as a vaccine should do good service in this respect. Abderhalden Refuses to Come to Vienna Abderhalden, the young scientist, of Halle, who has won so much renown by his researches into the physiology of metabolism, was asked to accept the post of thief of the Adeline. .Medical Chemical Institute, as Professor Ludwig had to resign his position owing to old age. Abderhalden found it unsatisfactory to come to Vienna, since the institute to be placed at his disposal is by no means equivalent to that which he now controls, and the new establishment will not be ready before two years. His refusal has caused profound regret in medical circles and serves once again as a warning to our officials, who do not yet understand that the best men want also the best means for their work. Economy applied at the wrong place-for that is the reason why the chemical institute has not been built yet-has resulted in a serious loss to the Vienna University.
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