Optical transmittance of multilayer graphene

Shou-En Zhu, Shengjun Yuan, G. C. A. M. Janssen
2014 Europhysics letters  
We study the optical transmittance of multilayer graphene films up to 65 layers thick. By combing large-scale tight-binding simulation and optical measurement on CVD multilayer graphene, the optical transmission through graphene films in the visible region is found to be solely determined by the number of graphene layers. We argue that the optical transmittance measurement is more reliable in the determination of the number of layers than the commonly used Raman Spectroscopy. Moreover, optical
more » ... ransmittance measurement can be applied also to other 2D materials with weak van der Waals interlayer interaction.
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/108/17007 fatcat:daix3umqxbbdvaswfgfwlxvuiy