Modularized Bilinear Koopman Operator for Modeling and Predicting Transients of Microgrids [article]

Xinyuan Jiang, Yan Li, Daning Huang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Modularized Koopman Bilinear Form (M-KBF) is presented to model and predict the transient dynamics of microgrids in the presence of disturbances. As a scalable data-driven approach, M-KBF divides the identification and prediction of the high-dimensional nonlinear system into the individual study of subsystems; and thus, alleviating the difficulty of intensively handling high volume data and overcoming the curse of dimensionality. For each subsystem, Koopman bilinear form is applied to
more » ... y identify its model by developing eigenfunctions via the extended dynamic mode decomposition method with an eigenvalue-based order truncation. Extensive tests show that M-KBF can provide accurate transient dynamics prediction for the nonlinear microgrids and verify the plug-and-play modeling and prediction function, which offers a potent tool for identifying high-dimensional systems. The modularity feature of M-KBF enables the provision of fast and precise prediction for the microgrid operation and control, paving the way towards online applications.
arXiv:2205.03214v2 fatcat:etc24ranenhy7aa5xa6foulszm