Parallel processing of large node B-trees

S. Pramanik, M. Kim
1990 IEEE transactions on computers  
SRT dividers with overlapped quotient selection stages," in P m . IEEE 7th Syrnp. Cornput. Arithmetic, 1985, pp. 64-73. [lo] T. E. W i l l i a m s et al., "A self-timed chip for division," in P m . Stunford VLSI Corzf. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1987, pp. 75-95. Parallel Processing of Large Node B-lkees Abstmct-This work investigates the performance improvement by parallel processing of large node B-trees. The main contribution of this paper is a node partitioning scheme for B-trees to enhance
more » ... ncurrency. In the proposed method, the tree height is reduced by increasing the node size. However, it is shown that increasing node size alone in conventional E-trees on parallel disks may not improve the response time, and may even degrade the performance. The proposed method achieves better performance while avoiding this anomaly. Index Tenns-B-trees, parallel processing, queueing models, synchronized disks.
doi:10.1109/12.57061 fatcat:sl75aezixvgf3kxmx7t5uu3p7q