V. Pandey, P.N. Pandey
2014 International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics  
The concept of Lie-recurrence in a Finsler space was introduced by the second author [8] of the present paper in 1982.The Lie-recurrence in a Riemannian space was studied by K. L. Duggal [3] in 1992 but he used the term curvature inheriting symmetry in place of Lie-recurrence. K. L. Duggal also applied the theory to the study of fluid space time. Since then both the terms (Lie-recurrence and curvature inheriting symmetry) are in use. The present authors [11] , Shivalika Saxena and P. N. Pandey
more » ... 12], [13], C. K. Mishra and Gautam Lodhi [1] studied a Lie-recurrence (curvature inheriting symmetry) in a Finsler space and discussed the possibilities for contra and concurrent vector fields to generate Lie-recurrence. The present paper deals with a Lie-recurrence generated by a special concircular vector field and such Lie-recurrence is termed as a special concircular Lie-recurrence. We obtain certain results related to a special concircular Lie-recurrence in a general Finsler space as well as in birecurrent and bisymmetric Finsler spaces.
doi:10.12732/ijpam.v92i3.4 fatcat:jatyyrwb4ncnnk4n7up4eldwde