Experimental study of the loss of balance process before falling from a height

Marcin Milanowicz, Paweł Budziszewski, Krzysztof Kędzior
Due to a high number of accidents at work, actions have been undertaken to apply numerical simulation for reconstruction of their course in time. First works on this issue showed that the numerical human body model developed in the Central Institute for Labour Protection -National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) should be adjusted to the nature of specific accidents. Hence, a need arose to adjust the model for reconstruction and simulation of falls from heights. The adjustment involved
more » ... ng the model with functions enabling taking into account movements of a person at the time of losing their balance, as such movements influence the course of a fall. For this purpose, a study with participation of volunteers has been conducted to define these movements. Within the framework of the study, reactions (body movements) of the subjects at the time of losing their balance were recorded. The works resulted in obtaining parameters that, after an analysis, may be used as initial conditions for a numerical model of the human body.
doi:10.5277/abb-00214-2014-03 fatcat:crjsbswa4rbqppqqdepjwpwh4q