Специфіка інноваційного мислення фахівця в музичному професіоналізмі

Лілія Михайлівна Шевченко
2019 Вісник КНУКіМ Серія «Мистецтвознавство»  
The purpose of the article is to identify art specificity in artistic activities on the basis of the thinking mechanism, where the readiness for new creative actions has been embedded. The research methodology is the principle of analysis and synthesis, which made it possible to determine the specifics of innovative thinking in musical professionalism based on the development of creative psychology. Comparative, historical, psychological-installation approaches and methods of art-style
more » ... ve studies were also used. The article deals with the concept of "innovation" in the professional practice of an expert-musician and teacher, as well as the engine of artistic thinking and the specificity of art activity, based on the thinking process in which the willingness to create new actions is laid. It is argued that consciousness takes on the role of a core force; it is a determinant of changes in activity, an internal, essential background for its development. The readiness to innovate is shown as a result of a complex newly formed structure of the personality, its musical and creative activity. The scientific novelty of the research is to identify common mechanisms of apperception and adaptation in the creation of innovative work of an expert-musician. The source of creative discovery and accomplishment for the expert-musician is the meaning of the associated programmability in the musical works and awareness of the great importance of the formal musical text. Conclusions. Individual consciousness with openness to master standards and typologies as well as to "adaptation" to the impressions and achievements of being is proved to be the prerequisites for the appearance of the innovations in the professional activity of the musician-artist, the teacher. The individual consciousness of the creative worker is drawn from the mechanisms of trope-metaphorization which determine not only the meaning structure of the image-composition but appear both in material products of work and in the principles of thinking during the process of a professional cohort reproduction, i.e. in educational institutions.
doi:10.31866/2410-1176.41.2019.188675 fatcat:47g3iytw4vdsjjhxufohfsmvb4