Seeking the Local Convergence Depth. IV. Tully-Fisher Observations of 35 Abell Clusters

Daniel A. Dale, Riccardo Giovanelli, Martha P. Haynes, Eduardo Hardy, Luis E. Campusano
1999 Astronomical Journal  
We present Tully-Fisher observations for 35 rich Abell clusters of galaxies. Results from I band photometry and optical rotation curve work comprise the bulk of this paper. This is the third such data installment of an all-sky survey of 52 clusters in the distance range 50 to 200\h Mpc. The complete data set provides the basis for determining an accurate Tully-Fisher template relation and for estimating the amplitude and direction of the local bulk flow on a 100\h Mpc scale.
doi:10.1086/301047 fatcat:xyf7hzwk2vdhzelcki5rgsqarq