An Improved Spatio-temporal Kriging Interpolation Algorithm and Its Application in Slope

Haiping Xiao, Zhenchao Zhang, Lanlan Chen, Qimin He
2020 IEEE Access  
Slope stability analysis based on the deformation monitoring data has been commonly used to predict and warn slope disasters. However, due to breakdown of the monitoring equipment or restrictions and interferences of internal and external factors in the area, the loss of data is unavoidable during the process of the slope monitoring. This problem can be solved by the spatio-temporal Kriging interpolation algorithm. However, the subjective factors and theoretical semi-variogram of variogram
more » ... m of variogram models, and many parameters estimation may lead to low interpolation precision and poor calculation efficiency. In this paper, a hybrid spatio-temporal interpolation algorithm was presented by combining the improved adaptive genetic algorithm (IAGA) with the spatio-temporal Kriging interpolation method, and it was applied to monitor the deformation of HP1 slope in Yuebao open-pit mine. The results showed that the interpolation precision of the proposed method was about 1 times higher than that of the traditional spatio-temporal Kriging method and the spatio-temporal method of Gaussian process regression method. In addition, after the interpolation analysis of the missing part of the monitoring data, the maximum cumulative displacement of all monitoring points was around 35.8 mm, and the rate of the displacement deformation didn't exceed 2 mm/d for three consecutive days. The deformation trend was basically consistent with the actual slope. It shows that the improved spatio-temporal Kriging interpolation algorithm (ISTKIA) has certain feasibility and reliability, and could provide a new idea for the research of related problems in related fields. INDEX TERMS Slope deformation monitoring, spatio-temporal Kriging interpolation, ISTKIA, stability analysis.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2994050 fatcat:zxuxytgl6vegph3ughltfcscjm