EXAMINATION OF CHEST TOMOGRAPHY : Report 2 : Ploblems of the function of the apparatus and of the image
胸部断層撮影法の検討 : (第2報)機能的問題と撮影像について

1959 Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology  
Because of the increas三 ng importance of tomography apparatus in the diagnosis of pulmollary tuber . cuh )sis , the author exEmined the apparatus now in use , 〔 〕n the basis of imformation collected during 亡 he first 10years after the war , with the following considerations . 1 ) test for the vibratlon f the upparatus that cause3 blurring of the image. 2) regulation (, f vibratiQn . Moreover , he investigated the cause of the after . lmage of the ribs and measured the lmage ampli 丘ed . Part Qf these results are rePorted here.
doi:10.6009/jjrt.kj00003102512 fatcat:neazqwq75beltmqonqm2kdau6y