Research Project Summary: Northern New Jersey Radionuclide Investigation: Determination of Uranium, Radium and Radon in Ground Water with High Gross Alpha-Particle Activity, and Implications for Future Monitoring Efforts

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While a great deal is known about radioactivity in southern New Jersey ground water, the amounts of radioactivity in the ground water in Northern New Jersey ground water are not as well defined. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the presence of gross alpha, radium, uranium, and radon in ground water in the Highlands Physiographic Province. A total of 31 wells were targeted for sampling. The wells selected were known to have high levels of gross alpha-particle activity or were near wells
more » ... or were near wells that had previously been shown to have radiological problems. The ground water samples from the targeted wells were collected between June, 2007 and November, 2007.
doi:10.7282/t36h4gjm fatcat:625jipo7xrac3owxxgg74fcloq