Sulphur cycling between terrestrial agroecosystem and atmosphere

Željka Zgorelec, Gordana Pehnec, Ferdo Bašić, Ivica Kisić, Milan Mesić, Silva Žužul, Aleksandra Jurišić, Ivana Šestak, Vladimira Vađić, Mirjana Čačković
2012 Arhiv za Higijenu Rada i Toksikologiju  
Central gas station of the natural gas borehole system Podravina is located near the village Molve. It delivers more than a quarter of total energy used in Croatia to its consumers. Over the years, adapting technology to increasingly demanding and rigorous standards in environmental protection has become paramount. Yet, despite all the industry has undertaken to address the risk of harmful substances entering the food chain, a multidisciplinary research team of independent scientists monitors
more » ... ientists monitors the content of specifi c substances in all components of the ecosystem. This paper presents measurements of total sulphur contents in soil surface [(0 to 3) cm] and subsurface [(3 to 8) cm] layers (study period: autumn 2006 - spring 2010) and in plants (study period: spring 2000 - spring 2010), and the concentration of gaseous sulphur compounds in the air. Concentrations of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and mercaptans (RSH) were measured from the summer of 2002 until the autumn of 2010, while concentrations of sulphur dioxide (SO2) were measured from the spring of 2008 until the autumn of 2010. The paper also shows total annual atmospheric sulphur (S-SO4) deposition at Bilogora measuring station (study period: 2001 - 2010). Average monthly concentrations of H2S in air varied between 0.2 μg m-3 and 2.0 μg m-3, RSH between 0.1 μg m-3 and 24.5 μg m-3, and SO2 between 0.4 μg m-3 and 2.8 μg m-3 depending on the location and the season of sampling. Mean values of total sulphur in soil and in Plantago lanceolata plant ranged between 610 mg kg-1 and 1,599 mg kg-1 and between 3,614 mg kg-1 and 4,342 mg kg-1, respectively, depending on the soil type, location, and sampling depth. Average values of total sulphur mass ratio for all examined single soil samples (n=80) were 1,080 mg kg-1 for both studied layers, and 4,108 mg kg-1 for all analysed plant samples (n=85). Average total annual atmospheric sulphur deposition at Bilogora measuring station was 6.3 kg of S-SO4 per hectar.
doi:10.2478/10004-1254-63-2012-2252 pmid:23152380 fatcat:gs6h5ff4t5a7bckhwaoy45wcbu