Civil Liability of Violation of Data Privacy in Imamieh Jurisprudence and statutory law

Mohammad Reza Rahbarpour, Ali Jafari
2017 Faṣlnāmah-i Pizhūhish-i Huqūq-i Khuṣūṣī  
The importance of the violation of data privacy is due to technological developments and possibility of more violation of privacy. Civil liability of violating data privacy is more complicated than civil liability of evading other subjects of privacy such as corporeal or physical privacy, locative privacy and communications privacy. This article, despite other subjects, discusses exploitation of the issue and annihilation of data privacy. Some lawyers believe in ownership of data privacy. These
more » ... two issues (annihilation of data privacy and considering data privacy as property), turn the direction of discussions about civil liability of evading data privacy.The present paper represents the concept of data privacy and discusses the three bases of civil liability of violating data privacy. In addition, ownership theories and annihilation of data privacy and also the effect of these two issues on civil liability of violating data privacy will be investigated. Finally, we study data privacy torts, civil wrongs which cause civil liability of data privacy violation.
doi:10.22054/jplr.2017.7404 doaj:d514422ebe1b404389830db9a382d755 fatcat:wvfpmafi3nfwdereqcqt7ltpce