MMPacking: a load and storage balancing algorithm for distributed multimedia servers

D.N. Serpanos, L. Georgiadis, T. Bouloutas
1998 IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology (Print)  
In distributed multimedia servers where client requests for different video streams may have different probabilities, placement of video streams is an important parameter because it may result in unbalanced requests to the system's stations, and thus to high blocking probabilities of requests. We present a method, MMPacking, to balance traffic load and storage use in a distributed server environment. Since different video streams are requested by clients with different rates, video stream
more » ... video stream replication is used to balance the traffic patterns of the stations; thus, the requests and I/O usage of the stations are balanced, since replication allows requests for the same video stream to be routed to different stations. MMPacking achieves load balancing by producing at most N 01 replicas of video streams in a system with N servers. These replicas are distributed among the stations so that storage balancing is achieved as well, since no station stores more than two video streams more than any other station in the system. Index Terms-Distributed multimedia server(s), load balancing, multimedia, storage balancing, video-on-demand.
doi:10.1109/76.660824 fatcat:3z7gqpgjfzhy7k3f6pb7gytr7i