Statistical Comparison of the Ratios of Households with Central Heating Between Tunceli Province and Elazığ, Erzincan and Bingöl Provinces

Murat Dal
In this study, Turkey's Statistical Institute's (TUIK) 2011 data showing the number of households with central heating in Tunceli, Bingol, Erzincan and Elazığ was utilized. In a binary comparison of the values showing the ratios of households with central heating in Tunceli province by the close provinces and determining statistically the relative differences, binomial test analysis which is a non-parametric test method was utilized. The ratio of households with central heating in the Tunceli
more » ... ng in the Tunceli province (20.8%) showed statistically similar ratios (p> 0.05) with the Bingol (28%) and Erzincan (23.6%) provinces, but compared to Elazıg provinces(%35,5), it is construed as having relatively lower values (p <0.05). In light of this information, assuming the proportion of households with central heating as a development indicator, it is noteworthy that based on this parameter Tunceli is at a similar level with Bingöl and Erzincan provinces, but is behind the Elazig province.