Synthesis of some poly (N-2-vinyl pyrrolidone-co-metha crylamide)s as model carriers of anilines. Study of the release of anilines in aqueous heterogeneous medium of pH=1.2 at 37°C

Ilham Abdelmalek, Abderrezzak Mesli, Nacer Boudouaia, Nafa Chafi, Gérard Simonneaux
2011 Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry  
Four secondary amides have been prepared by the Schotten-Baumann reaction between model anilines (Pa 1-4 : p-XC 6 H 4 NH 2: X 1 : H; X 2 :CH 3 ; X 3 :COCH 3 ; X 4 : CN) and methacryloyl chloride using aqueous THF/NaOH mixture at 0°C. MS 1 , MS 2 and MS 4 liquid monomers are obtained whereas MS 3 is a solid monomer. Mass radical copolymerization of the different monomers (MS 1-4 ) with N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone yields to the corresponding four copolymers. All the monomers have been characterized by
more » ... R, 1 H and 13 C NMR. The (CP 1-4 ) have been characterized by IR spectra, microanalysis, Tg ° and M v . The kinetics of aniline delivery to give anilinium cations (PaH + ) 1-4 from solid MS 3 and CP 1-4 dispersed in water (pH= 1.2, 37°C) showed that aniline delivery from the different supports is controlled by a diffusion process and not the rate of amide hydrolysis. The amount (%) of free anilinium cations is inversely proportional to the molecular weight of polymeric supports. Accordingly, the monomer MS 3 gave the largest amount of free anilinium cations (PaH + ) 1-4 .
doi:10.13171/mjc.1.2.2011.08.09.12 fatcat:3beikuyx55de3bswtfwgbr5fke