1900 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The Pan-American Exposition has seen fit to entrust the care of the department of ethnology and archeology to a practising physician. I should be very glad if you would allow me to reach your readers with the following request for assistance. Many members of the medical profession are Interested in the study of American ethnology and archeology, and not a few have valuable collections of Indian relics and skeletons from Indian graves. Those not directly interested in this study ¡ire so
more » ... nced as to be aware of the hobbies of their neighbors and could doubl less furnish the address of collectors. 1 should be greatly obliged for information ¡md for the loan of collections for the use of this department of tins exposition. Exhibits which represent study in some special line of American ethnology and archeology will be particularly suitable.
doi:10.1056/nejm190007191430315 fatcat:uu5pmdn5ozcx7gr6aqypmp5xei