Application of a Composite Model in the Analysis of Creep Deformation at Low and Intermediate Temperatures [post]

Xinjun Yang, Xiang Ling
2017 unpublished
The creep behaviors of TA2 and R60702 at low and intermediate temperature were presented and discussed in this paper. Experimental results indicated that an apparent threshold stress exhibited in the creep deformation of R60702. Meanwhile, the primary creep phase was found as the main pattern in the room temperature creep behavior of TA2. Compared with exponential law, the power law has been proved to be a proper constitutive model in the description of primary creep phase. It also showed that
more » ... t also showed that θ projection method had its significant advantage in the evaluation of accelerated creep stage. Thus, a composite model which combined power law with θ projection method was applied in the creep curves evaluation at low and intermediate temperature. Based on the multiaxial creep deformation results, the model was modified and discussed. A linear relationship existed between composite model parameters and applied load. Finally, the creep life could be accurately predicted and the composite model method is suitable for application in low and intermediate temperature creep life analysis.
doi:10.20944/preprints201705.0188.v1 fatcat:ly46ewm3vfdjzk3ww3aa3qfore