Development of spreadsheet for rapid assessment of therapeutic radiation dose delivery with electron and photon beams at various energies

Md. Motiur Rahman, M Shamsuzzaman, MMH Bhuiyan, KA Khan, Sadiq R Malik
2022 Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research  
Accurate radiation therapy, dose calculation and quality control is the fundamental concern and objective for Oncologists and Physicists in Cancer Treatments. Global use of Radiation Therapy Machines like, 60 Co and LINAC (Old), demands an accurate and fast External Beam Radiation therapy (EBRT) machine dose evaluation, where treatment planning systems (TPS) are not available. Some of the cancer therapy centers do not have a medical physicist or a dosimetrist. For that, here we developed a
more » ... dsheet named "Mithu" where Radiation Oncologists, physicists, and Radiotherapy technologists can easily calculate treatment time (TT) or Monitor Unit (MU) by Using an easy Microsoft Excel spreadsheets presented here. To create a treatment planning system for 2D or Emergency plan and Dosimetry need to calculate Cobalt-60 ( 60 Co) and LINAC Machine actual dose rate for source to surface distance (SSD) and Source to Axis Distance (SAD). Inside the spreadsheet Percentage depth dose (PDD), & Tissue Maximum Ratio (TMR), has been used from the British Journal of Radiology supplement 25 (BJR). Output factor, Wedge factor, and Tray factor have been used from machine commissioning data. The equivalent square field is another important and basic parameter for radiotherapy TT or MU calculation. Linac Machine dose rate is accurately calibrated by Quality Assurance procedures by Physicists which remains fixed, no decay. But 60 Co dose rate always decrease or changes as yearly decay constant is 0.131 (ln2/HL) and source decays 1.09% per month. To develop this spreadsheet some important Excel functions like HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, EXACT, and logical function if-Else is mostly used for radiotherapy patients treatment plan dose calculation which has shortened the man-made hand calculation error by 99%. Almost 2000 patients' 60 Co Machine-based Radiotherapy treatment plan has been calculated using this "Mithu" Spreadsheets. Here we observed that 60 Co dose calculated is varied <1% where LINAC MU calculated is varying <1.5% which is an acceptable range in radiotherapy.
doi:10.15406/jcpcr.2022.13.00479 fatcat:habyv2yc45gntk3ib2glgoxfpu