Fortification the Dates Paste Bifidobacterium Lactis Bb-12 Microencapsulated of Calcium Alginate

Abdullah Alghazal
2020 Basic and Applied Sciences - Scientific Journal of King Faisal University  
Recently, scientists have been interested in functional food, especially probiotic food, which has many health benefits. Probiotic bacteria are exposed to many risks during their presence in food products and after passing through the gastrointestinal tract, which may lead to their death. Therefore, the main goal of this study is to keep probiotic bacteria alive longer. Free and calcium alginate-encapsulated Bifidobacterium lactis were separately mixed with date paste and exposed to simulated
more » ... strointestinal conditions. After seven weeks, the number of free B. lactis was reduced in the date paste by up to 106 cfu/g. The encapsulated bacteria retained their numbers up to 106 cfu/g until week ten. Examining the pH values in the date paste before adding free and calcium alginate-encapsulated bacteria indicated that it was pH 5.87. Over time, a slight decrease in pH values in each product supported with free and calcium alginate-encapsulated bacteria was observed. The analysis of organic acids (acetic, lactic) in the date paste reflected the common bacteria encapsulated and low outputs metabolism. The sensory analysis of date products fortified with probiotic bacteria was evaluated. The results showed insignificant differences between the control sample and the date paste fortified with free and encapsulated probiotic bacteria. This indicates that the addition of both free and encapsulated probiotic bacteria did not show any significant effect on the sensory properties of date products.
doi:10.37575/b/agr/2203 fatcat:htqygsfi75gr3lrxch3txbkrzm