Estudo de colisões entre átomos de Rydberg ultrafrios em amostras atômicas aprisionadas numa armadilha óptica de dipolo [thesis]

Jorge Douglas Massayuki Kondo
KONDO, J. M. Study of collisions between ultracold Rydberg atoms in atomic samples trapped in an optical dipole trap. 144p. Tese (Doutorado em Ciências) - In this paper, we study collisions between ultracold Rydberg atoms in a high density atomic sample trapped in an optical dipole trap (ODT), type QUEST (Quasi Electrostatic Trap). Our goals included testing the manifestation of many-body phenomena and to study anisotropy effects in collisional processes involving two Rydberg atoms. In order to
more » ... atoms. In order to do this, we have chosen the collision process described by 5/2 + 5/2 → ( + 2) 3/2 + ( − 2) 7/2 in the range of 37 ≤ ≤ 47. The process was studied in the presence and absence of a dc static electric field, also known as Förster resonances. The results show that even at high atomic density, two-body interaction dominates de process, despite the clear manifestation of Rydberg blockade. After several improvements in our experimental setup, we have studied also a Förster resonance peak 37 5/2 + 37 5/2 → 39 3/2 + 35 7/2 as a function of the magnitude of the dc static electric field as well as the angle between this field and the longitudinal axis of the ODT. We discuss the results and future challenges of the experiment.
doi:10.11606/t.76.2014.tde-03022015-171234 fatcat:5lecbgnz6ze7xhcav3l6qloso4