Next Generation of Instruments Required - Not just X-Ray Imaging but Combined EDS, CL, GSR, XRM, XRD and Raman Systems

Richard Wuhrer, Ken Mason, Ken Moran
2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis  
The materials used in our society today are constantly changing. For example, in recent years, in the forensic world, heavy metal free (HMF) cartridge primers have been developed to reduce health risks to shooters (police and sporting shooters) from lead (Pb) and other heavy metals. Gunshot residues (GSR) from suspects and their clothing, or the environment, have traditionally been detected using SEM and EDS. However, with the advent of HMF residues, which consist of primer formulations of low
more » ... verage atomic number elements like NaAlSiK (glasses and feldspars) that are not so easily detectible by traditional SEM/EDS and GSR methods. Other techniques, combined with traditional SEM/EDS/GSR, are required for the analysis of these types of ammunitions. With ever increasing popularity of composite materials being utilized in the construction and engineering environment, not only is elemental information required, but also other spectroscopy techniques are used to determine the presence of polymeric materials, minerals and crystalline phases.
doi:10.1017/s1431927618005470 fatcat:eexgsqyxcrguzdag52ttb3eeta