Plasmon mass scale in two-dimensional classical nonequilibrium gauge theory

T. Lappi, J. Peuron
2018 Physical Review D  
We study the plasmon mass scale in weakly coupled strongly interacting nonabelian gauge theory in a two dimensional configuration that mimics the boost invariant initial color fields in a heavy ion collision. We numerically measure the plasmon mass scale using three different methods: a Hard Thermal Loop (HTL) expression involving the quasiparticle spectrum constructed from Coulomb gauge field correlators, an effective dispersion relation and the measurement of oscillations between electric and
more » ... etween electric and magnetic energies after introducing a spatially uniform perturbation to the electric field. We find that the hard thermal loop expression and the uniform electric field measurement are in rough agreement. The effective dispersion relation agrees with other methods within a factor of two. We also study the dependence on time and occupation number, observing similar trends as in three spatial dimensions, where a power law dependence sets in after an occupation number dependent transient time. We observe a decrease of the plasmon mass squared as $t^{\frac{-1}{3}}$ at late times.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.97.034017 fatcat:wbjwmz3wyrbs3hfhnfmjw6fu3e