Kulturalisiertes Bier?

Barbora Orságová
2020 unpublished
This master thesis deals with the identity constructions that take part in the development of nationality. They represent strategies and processes that take place in the background of the political and social circumstances. In the case of the national determination of the Central European state of the Czech Republic, the circumstances that led to the national rebirth, which meant differentiating the Czech culture from the other nations, were concerned. The historical sources indicate political
more » ... onstellations / movements that had intended to enforce the Czech language and culture in pubs. The pub became a symbol of the origin of the revolutionary thoughts, where the beer was consumed as a drink, the lower layer. Older sources even discuss beer in a folklore context, in which this drink was described as an instrument of self-identity in the Czech discourse. National identity uses the cultural representations to realize them and at the same time a continuity in the representation is considered, which can also create traditions from the cultural and national symbols. The beer shows itself as one of the national symbols of the Czech Republic when the drink is argued based on historical events and numerous cultural representations and representations. Accordingly, the beer finds its place in many cultural forms, the images of which are reconstructed again and again, and this makes the beer an international symbol of the Czech Republic. As a consequence, the Czech population is assigned attributes such as "World Beer Champion" or similar. said. Such categorizations relate to the everyday life of residents, especially when it comes to publicly accessible rooms in which the beer is consumed. If we want to understand the power of a national symbol, we have to find its historical context and cultural context from an ethnological point of view. At the beginning of the field research, several perspectives opened up, from which the topic can be treated. This work deals with the research field Brno, the second largest city in t [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.63353 fatcat:ov3mgjjy6rbixk6p75zfflc44y