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1898 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
nuclein the protoplasm becomes less affected by basic colors^In the light of present knowledge the retinal sensation of color may be considered as a complex of phenomena, of which the migration of pigment, the alterations of erythropsiue, the contraction of the rods and cones, the diminution of the nuclein and the modifications in the protoplasm are the more easily demonstrable.. The diminution of the nuclein, being principally noticed in nuclei of the rods and cones, offers a new proof of the
more » ... ocalization of perception of light and color in these elements. The appearances in a fish exposed to the Röntgen rays for a half-hour were negative ; the same as in total darkness.
doi:10.1056/nejm189801131380207 fatcat:ykflyjufifcijjs3psmdxz74fm