6-Gingerol Attenuates Hydrogen Peroxide-induced DNA Damage in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelia Cells

Shaopeng Wang, Guang Yang, Liping Jiang, Caihua Zhang, Fei Xin, Chengyan Geng, Xiance Sun, Yanzong Yang
2014 Food science and technology research  
An imbalance of oxidation and antioxidation is one of the primary causes of atherosclerosis. The use of natural plant compounds with effects has been proven to have clinical relevance. 6-Gingerol, one of the major components of ginger, has diverse pharmacologic effects. In this study, the chemoprotective effect of 6-gingerol against hydrogen peroxide-induced DNA damage in human umbilical vein endothelia cells (HUVECs) was investigated. The comet assay was used to monitor DNA strand breaks. To
more » ... rther elucidate the underlying mechanisms, we tested lysosomal membrane stability, mitochondrial membrane potential, the intracellular generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reduced glutathione (GSH). Our data revealed that 6-gingerol significantly reduced the DNA strand breaks caused by hydrogen peroxide. 6-Gingerol effectively suppressed hydrogen peroxide-induced intracellular ROS formation. The GSH depletion in HUVECs was also attenuated by 6-gingerol pretreatment. Moreover, lysosomal membrane stability was destroyed and mitochondrial membrane potential decreased after treated by hydrogen peroxide. Those effects can be protected by 6-gingerol. These firmly indicate 6-gingerol has a strong protective ability against the DNA damage caused by hydrogen peroxide in HUVECs, and the mechanism may relate to the antioxidant activity. Our data suggest 6-gingerol may be beneficial in the prevention of atherosclerosis. . (2005). Cytotoxic and apoptotic activities of diarylheptanoids and gingerol-related compounds from the rhizome of Chinese ginger. . Lysosomal enzymes promote mitochondrial oxidant production, cytochrome c release and apoptosis. Eur. J . Biochem., 270,[3778][3779][3780][3781][3782][3783][3784][3785][3786]
doi:10.3136/fstr.20.947 fatcat:jkb6qu3xxvdkhaujknobm4nota