IJSRST117373 | Predictive Torque Control Scheme for Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drives with DC-Link Voltages Offset Suppression by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Vykuntam Sandeep, S Sridhar
[(3) 7: 979-988] © 2017 IJSRST | Volume 3 | Issue 7 | Print ABSTRACT This paper proposes a three-phase four-switch (B4) inverter, having a fewer amount of switches, be primarily introduced for the possibility of reducing the inverter cost, and it proved to be extremely useful as it can be used in fault tolerant control to avoid the open/short circuit fault of the six-switch three-phase (B6) inverter. However, the balence among the phase currents collapses because of the change of the two
more » ... capacitor voltages; so its application is limited. This document suggests a predictive torque control (PTC) scheme for the B4 inverter-fed induction motor (IM) with the dc-link voltage offset suppression by using fuzzy logic controller. The voltage vectors of the B4 inverter under the variation of the two dc-link capacitor voltages are determined for exact estimate and control of the torque and stator flux. The three-phase currents are forced to stay balence by directly controlling the stator flux. The voltage offset of the two dc-link capacitors is demonstrated and prohibited in the predictive point of view. A fuzzy controller is used for better control of speed and to minimize the THD in stator currents. A significant measure of simulation and experimental results are displayed to approve the proposed control scheme.