Introducing New Tool for Official Statistics: Genetic Programming

Miroslav Kľúčik
The BLUE-ETS FP7 project includes a work package oriented on developing innovative methods, tools and procedures to exploit better and more efficiently the potential of administrative data. The new approaches are to be tested in the area of data analysis. One of these methods currently very rare used in official statistics is genetic programming (GP). Main purpose is to analyse data from various official data sources and capture all new information, which cannot be obtained using classical
more » ... ds. Firstly, the GP method and its practical applications in area of official statistics are described. The principal areas of GP application methods in official data are expected to be regression, classification, clustering and change and deviation detection. Some examples from different areas of GP application in official statistics are presented. Finally, also the possibilities of integration of the fuzzy approach, evolutionary techniques and neural networks are presented, which allow more effective and more into-the-depth analysis of different heterogeneous databases (administrative data, foreign trade, branch statistics etc.). The application of artificial intelligence method-genetic programming-has an immense potential in the area of research in official statistics and can make use of the vast amount of disaggregated data collected at NSIs.