1885 The Lancet  
From our own Correspondent.) NORTHERN COUNTIES CHEST HOSPITAL. THE annual meeting of this institution was held last week, the Mayor of Newcastle presiding. The report showed c that of 541 out-patients under treatment during the past year 143 had been cured and 387 relieved. Of the 22 in-E patients, 1 was cured, 19 were relieved, and 2 died. The financial condition of the hospital was shown to be satisfactory, but the committee in the present state of trade could not venture on any extension of
more » ... he premises, though very ] desirable, as it would involve an expenditure not covered by the present income. The Newcastle Clinical Society gave its second annual banquet at the Central Station last week. Nearly forty sat down to a well-spread table, and the proceedings altogether were very spirited and harmonious. Dr. Mearns of Gateshead presided, and he was awarded well-deserved encomiums as ruler of the feast. Dr. Napier (Dunbar) and others made capital speeches. TYNE PORT SANITARY AUTHORITY. Some interesting statistics are afforded in the report of the Tyne Sanitary Authority for the past year. The number of ships during the year was 12,078, of which 9505 were British. The sanitary condition of 9425 of these was good, of 2152 "passable," of 501 defective. The total number of crews visited by the inspectors was 135,938, and of passengers, a large proportion of whom were emigrants, 9468. The measures taken by the authority to suppress the smoke nuisance on the river had brought about some improvement. The medical officer (Mr. H. E. Armstrong) stated that there had been a decrease of patients admitted to the floating hospital during the year as compared with 1883. It was decided at the same meeting to adopt the plan submitted by the city engineer for a new floating hospital on pontoons, in preference to the conversion of an old war-ship, which, even if the vessel were got without price, would involve an expenditure of at least £2000. NEWCASTLE HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN. The annual meeting of the governors of the Hospital for Sick Children was held last week, under the presidency of Sir W. G. Armstrong. The number of in-patients-156 new cases-was stated to have been the largest on record; but there has been a slight decrease in the number of attendances of out-patients, which was still very large, representing no less than 6275 separate attendances on the physicians and surgeons. A vote of condolence with Dr. William Murray, consulting physician to the hospital, and who has been intimately connected with it since its commencement, on the great domestic affliction he has lately sustained by the death of his wife, was unanimously carried. The question of providing a convalescent institution was again brought forward for consideration, and may be said to have advanced a step; for, on the suggestion of Sir W. Armstrong, it was referred to a committee to report upon. EPIDEMIC OF MEASLES AT SUNDERLAND.
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