The Role of EFL Teachers and Students in Activating ELLs' ackground Knowledge to Increase Comprehension

Ali Jukil
2018 Polytechnic Journal  
This research studies The Role of EFL Teachers in Activating ELLs' Background Knowledge to Increase Comprehension in which the term building background knowledge refers to the strategies of connecting the key concept of the new lesson with previous learning. It suggests that awareness of cultural and individual prior knowledge in learning a foreign language is important, and that language learning in the ELL classroom will be more effective if students and teachers possess similar schema
more » ... g to the language learning process. The study is aimed at assessing teachers' role in activating students' building background knowledge The problem is that the background knowledge is not exploited positively, because the required strategies and techniques are neither adopted nor adapted in the processes of teaching and learning. The study consists of two main parts. The first one is a survey about the information needed for the research, and the second part which is the main and intensive is the practical part; it is about the methodology of the data collection and analysis. It has been found out that Building background knowledge is essential to English language lessons. Many students lack the necessary scaffolding to create deep meaning, but they will learn best when new content is linked with past learning. Both the students and teachers are mostly positive towards building background-knowledge assessment. It can be concluded that most of the teachers are not aware of how the strategies and techniques should be used. Although, they use strategies and techniques but they are not aware of how these procedures, strategies and techniques for supporting students' learning.
doi:10.25156/ptj.2018.8.2.70 fatcat:eml6dkrj5nci3dy4qawxudp5hm