An experimental study on the rest pause for short term data entry work with VDT

1997 The Japanese Journal of Ergonomics  
The relation between work load and rest pause is experimentally investigated in a data entry work with different types of rest pause. In the data entry work, subjects are asked to do multiplication of one-figure numbers and to feed the lower one column of their answers. The work consists of 60 minutes, either without a rest at all or with a rest pause allotted at 15, 30 or 45 minutes after commencement. The length of the rest pause is ten minutes. The ocular accommodation is not affected when
more » ... e rest pause is provided. The work performance is higher with the rest pause than without it. The rest pause is recommended to be introduced at an early stage and early introduction of a rest is more effective to enhance work performance than frequent allotment of rest time.
doi:10.5100/jje.33.1 fatcat:zsv3alexknathouwoof4xbibjy