Pattern recognition techniques applied to electric power signal processing

Ghazi Bousaleh, Mohamad Darwiche, Fahed Hassoun
2012 2012 6th International Conference on Sciences of Electronics, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications (SETIT)  
Current commercial active prostheses for lower upper limbs are most commonly openloop devices using surface electromyography techniques for control. Two problems result from these design choices. One corresponds to the fact that the control of openloop systems requires repetitive, redundant actions, in order to ensure correct operation of the device, and the second problem relates to the Surface electromyography limitations and sensitivity to intra-patient differences. sEMG techniques to
more » ... a prosthetic limb require a training period and excessive mental effort by the patient, throughout the use of the device, factors that are related to the abandonment of the device. In this project, two ways of improving the performance of the prosthetic hand Robo-Limb, during the pre-shaping phase, are investigated with respect to the openloop and EMG control drawbacks. In order to close the loop we extract patterns from the current load feedback, that give us an estimation on the temporal distance travelled by the digits. We achieve a 71.6% reduction in the execution time for each pregrasp and a 91% accuracy in the estimation of the position in obstacle-free movement of the fingers, but the performance of out approach reduces to 64% when the finger collides with obstacles.
doi:10.1109/setit.2012.6482018 fatcat:yt7glpjz4jhzrf5lbbclxxp6pa