Examination of Sensory-Processing Sensitivity of Caregivers Working in the Field of Welfare for the Elderly, View of Caregiving Related to Long-Term Care, Burnout, and Turnover Intention
高齢者介護に従事する介護職員の感覚処理感受性および 介護観・バーンアウト・離職に関する検討

Journal of Koshien Junior College  
This study aimed to clarify the relationship between sensory-processing, view of caregiving, burnout, and willingness to quit work among professional caregivers engaged in elderly care. We conducted a survey of Japanese caregivers (200 care workers) working in the field of welfare for the elderly. Correlation analysis showed a significant positive correlation between sensory-processing sensitivity and burnout. In the path analysis, the indirect effect of sensory processing susceptibility
more » ... ng turnover intention through burnout was significant. The significance of this study is that it clarified in the mechanism of sensory-processing sensitivity that affects the intention to leave the job. None of the views of caregiving provided significant results, but further research is needed in the future, such as the relationship between positive factors and intention to leave the job.
doi:10.24699/koshient.39.0_31 fatcat:i55jnaasgbdhpamxrlt5lw4tt4