Introduction: Computer simulation - Trends in highly nonlinear physics
講座 プラズマ非線形物理学とコンピュータ・シミュレーション1 1.序:コンピュータ・シミュレーション ― 強い非線形物理学の胎動

Tetsuya Sato
1991 Kakuyūgō kenkyū  
In this series of lectures we plan to place particular emphasis on the impact of computer simulations in changing the main stream of thought on modern physics which until now has been based upon the purely mathematical science. We are seeking a new methodology that will lead us to an intuitive comprehension of the highly complex and nonlinear behavior of nature. We are presently in the midst of a fog. However, we perceive a light, though very faint, in front of us. If some of the readers can
more » ... sp the aim of this series of lectures after reading them and see the light that awaits us, however faint it may appear, we may consider this series a great success.
doi:10.1585/jspf1958.65.418 fatcat:zsenwtph3fg65ktzszddq6gwjm