Multi-stream continuous hidden Markov models with application to landmine detection

Oualid Missaoui, Hichem Frigui, Paul Gader
2013 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
We propose a multi-stream continuous hidden Markov model (MSCHMM) framework that can learn from multiple modalities. We assume that the feature space is partitioned into subspaces generated by different sources of information. In order to fuse the different modalities, the proposed MSCHMM introduces stream relevance weights. First, we modify the probability density function (pdf) that characterizes the standard continuous HMM to include state and component dependent stream relevance weights.
more » ... resulting pdf approximate is a linear combination of pdfs characterizing multiple modalities. Second, we formulate the CHMM objective function to allow for the simultaneous optimization of all model parameters including the relevance weights. Third, we generalize the maximum likelihood based Baum-Welch algorithm and the minimum classification error/gradient probabilistic descent (MCE/GPD) learning algorithms to include stream relevance weights. We propose two versions of the MSCHMM. The first one introduces the relevance weights at the state level while the second one introduces the weights at the component level. We illustrate the performance of the proposed MSCHMM structures using synthetic data sets. We also apply them to the problem of landmine detection using ground penetrating radar. We show that when the multiple sources of information are equally relevant across all training data, the performance of the proposed MSCHMM is comparable to the baseline CHMM. However, when the relevance of the sources varies, the MSCHMM outperforms the baseline CHMM because it can learn the optimal relevance weights. We also show that our approach outperforms existing multi-stream HMM because the latter one cannot optimize all model parameters simultaneously.
doi:10.1186/1687-6180-2013-40 fatcat:saury3tverd43p7bh25tzhxhjm