Confinement mechanism for strong temperature dependence of the interlayer exchange coupling in Co/Cu(001)

J. d'Albuquerque e Castro, J. Mathon, Murielle Villeret, A. Umerski
1996 Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)  
It is shown, within the quantum-well theory of the exchange coupling J in magnetic multilayers, that the temperature dependence of J is governed not only by the spacer Fermi surface but also by the confining strength of the ferromagnetic layers. The confinement mechanism is first explored for an exactly solvable parabolic-band model and cases in which it leads to a very strong temperature dependence of J are identified. Finally, it is demonstrated, using fully realistic tight-binding bands,
more » ... the confinement mechanism dominates J(T) in Co/Cu/Co͑001͒. ͓S0163-1829͑96͒02516-6͔
doi:10.1103/physrevb.53.r13306 pmid:9983173 fatcat:dpkx7px7tnajlm27uzgo7xcmpq