Wireless and battery-free technologies for neuroengineering

Sang Min Won, Le Cai, Philipp Gutruf, John A. Rogers
2021 Nature Biomedical Engineering  
Tethered and battery-powered devices that interface with neural tissues can restrict natural motions and prevent social interactions in animal models, thereby limiting the utility of these devices in behavioural neuroscience research. In this Review Article, we discuss recent progress in the development of miniaturized and ultralightweight devices as neuroengineering platforms that are wireless, battery-free and fully implantable, with capabilities that match or exceed those of wired or
more » ... powered alternatives. Such classes of advanced neural interfaces with optical, electrical or fluidic functionality can also combine recording and stimulation modalities for closed-loop applications in basic studies or in the practical treatment of abnormal physiological processes.
doi:10.1038/s41551-021-00683-3 pmid:33686282 fatcat:uo4wlyrz6vgejcz5kh7a5tontq