Performance evaluation of 3D computer vision techniques

A. M. Kabayama, L. G. Trabasso
2002 Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences  
This work presents the implementation and comparison of three different techniques of three-dimensional computer vision as follows: • Stereo vision -correlation between two 2D images • Sensorial fusion -use of different sensors: camera 2D + ultrasound sensor (1D); • Structured light The computer vision techniques herein presented took into consideration the following characteristics: • Computational effort ( elapsed time for obtain the 3D information); • Influence of environmental conditions
more » ... ental conditions (noise d ue to a non uniform lighting, overlighting and shades); • The cost of the infrastructure for each technique; • Analysis of uncertainties, precision and accuracy. The option of using the Matlab software, version 5.1, for algorithm implementation of the three techniques was due to the simplicity of their commands, programming and debugging. Besides, this software is well known and used by the academic community, allowing the results of this work to be obtained and verified. Examples of threedimensional vision applied to robotic assembling tasks ("pick-and-place") are presented.
doi:10.1590/s0100-73862002000300013 fatcat:yyvlh2gmknh7zbo2zyecbmq6kq