Cognitive Interest As An Activator For The Development Of Teacher Leadership Qualities

Elena Ponomarenko
2021 unpublished
The article dwells on constructing more effective forms, models, ways, and conditions for teaching and fostering the desire for learning. New approaches to teaching require new criteria for a teacher personality thus forming a new-generation teacher, with a new type of thinking. A cognitive interest may be a contributing factor to this process. First of all we have to motivate students' interest in learning which is based primarily on scientifically oriented higher education content components.
more » ... As any psychic process and even as a personality orientation, a cognitive interest is formed in the course of activities. Against the background of a positive attitude towards learning, learning activities and persons and objects involved therein, the learning process organized by a teacher leader also allows developing leadership qualities among students through a cognitive interest. The efforts involved in developing teacher leadership skills through a cognitive interest is worthy in all respects -it improves knowledge, favors a teacher personal development, helps to overcome difficulties, affects the entire nature of work improving the ways of working, favors further education and self-education, and improves a high-school teacher's personality as a whole. According to the author, it has a positive impact on the students and allows improving the quality of education.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.07.02.19 fatcat:l66h2bew7bacpamigtafs5rrfa