The Flow Field Structure of Jet-in-Cross Flow through the Perforated Damage Hole
관통 손상 구멍으로부터의 제트-교차 흐름의 유동장 구조

Ki-Young Lee
2014 Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology  
The influence of the battle damage hole on the velocity and vorticity flow field have been studied by using particle image velocimetry. Time averaged velocity and vorticity vector fields in the vicinity of jet are presented. The perforated damage hole on a wing created from a hit by anti-air artillery was modeled as a 10% chord size hole which positioned at quarter chord. At low angles of attack, the vorticity in the forward side of the jet is cancelled due to mixing with the wing surface
more » ... wing surface boundary layer. Stretching of vorticity in the backside of the jet generates a semi-cylindrical vortical layer that enclosing a domain with slow moving reverse flow. Conversely, at higher the angles of attack, the jet vorticity advected away from the wing surface and remains mostly confined to the jet. The mean flow behind the jet has a wake-like structure.
doi:10.9766/kimst.2014.17.4.551 fatcat:4lmsivzt4jai3fuxxa7dhdibqe