A Clinical Study on the Clomiphene Citrate Therapy in Anorulatary Females and Action of Clomiphene Citrate on Vaginal Smears
排卵障害婦人におけるClomiphene citrate療法と本剤の膣塗抹細胞像におよぼす影響に関する臨床的研究

Takefumi INOUE
1974 [Sanfujinka no shinpo] Advances in obstetrics and gynecology  
The 77 women selected for this study were anovulation and amenorrhoea with endogenous estrogen secretion. Clomiphene was given immediately after menstruation for 5 days in a dose
doi:10.11437/sanpunosinpo1949.26.135 fatcat:cdkxwy7sofavnmmk6xazcoybiy