Effect of Pedicoccus Acidilactici on Immunity, Production and Lipid Profile in Broilers

Hegazy Hegazy, Barakat Barakat, Mb Mb, Sabreen Fadlb, Elkeredy Abeer
2014 Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences   unpublished
Pedicoccus acidi lacti, S. enteritidis, broiler chicks, growth performance, blood biochemistry, hematology, NDV. The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of Pedicoccus acidi lacti supplementation to the ration of broiler chicks on growth performance, survival rate, immunity, hematological studied, serum biochemistry, response to NDV and its protective effect against artificial infection with S. enteritidis. One hundred and twenty day-old broiler chicks were allotted into four
more » ... ual groups: group one fed on non-supplemented ration and not infected, group two fed on ration contain Pedicoccus acidi lacti 100 mg/kg ration and not infected, group three fed on non-supplemented ration and infected and group four fed on ration contain Pedicoccus acidi lacti 100 mg/kg ration and infected with salmonella. The results indicated that Pedicoccus acidi lacti supplementation improved the body weight and FCR in comparison to control group during the first two weeks (pre-infection), After infection the results indicated that the Pedicoccus acidi lacti supplementation protect chickens against bad effect of salmonella infection where both parameter (FCR and Body weights) still superior till 5th week. Also the addition of probiotics improved lipid profile and CBC. In the same time. It was evident that addition of Pedicoccus acidi lacti improved immune response to ND.