The Philosopher and the Sophist: A Review Article of Martin Heidegger. Plato's Sophist, trans. Richard Rojcewicz and André Schuwer. Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2003. [Review article]

Jasmin Chen
Despite, or more likely in view of, the manifold critiques raised both against, and in defence of, the early work of Martin Heidegger, his writing continues to be the source of both great controversy and intellectual influence. Heidegger's impact on the Western tradition is, perhaps, in no small part due to the conscious and idiosyncratic intimacy his philosophical work shares with the origins of the tradition itself, insofar as one might most immediately situate them in the writing of Plato
more » ... subsequently Aristotle. For although Heidegger's understanding of 'the Greeks' remains a source of bemusement for many classical scholars, the radicality of his interpretation, and its consequent implications, cannot be so readily dismissed.
doi:10.4225/03/591c31ea88308 fatcat:llvdr7vfdvcfpcwd4orsl6t2gm