Determinan Kematian Bayi di Wilayah Kabupaten Magelang Tahun 2017

Affan Salis¹, Heni Setyowati, Esti Rahayu², Kartika Wijayanti³, Program Studi, Ilmu Keperawatan, Universitas Magelang, Ilmu Fakultas, Universitas Kesehatan, Magelang Muhammadiyah, Ilmu ³fakultas, Universitas Kesehatan (+1 others)
Abstrak Keywords: Infant mortality; case control study; the risk factors. Background: Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in Indonesia is still high enough, that is 22,23 per 1.000 live births (SDKI, 2012). IMR in Magelang Regency in every year has increased despite the government program to reduce of IMR has already done, so it is necessary to do a reseach about the factors related to IMR in Magelang Regency. Objective: to know the risk factors from mother, infant and health services with infant
more » ... ity in the Magelang Regency. Methods: the method used from this research was study case control design. The population in this research were 147 infant death cases, sample used as many as 46 case group and 46 control group with used proportional random sampling technique. The instrumen in this research used maternal noted KIA books and quetionare. The statistical test used was chi square test. Results: there was a significant that significant between risk factors from the mother (mother's nutritional status, birth history, mother's age, distance of pregnancy, exclusive breastfeeding), risk factors from the infant (birth weight, premature, APGAR score, giving immunization, disease that accopanies the baby), risk factor from health services was location of health service with occured in infant death. Conclusion: the risk factors from mother and infant with complication was most influential toward infant death so it needs to be optimize the service of PONED and PONEK, and increase the workshop about factors related to IMR.