О. D. Fesenko, Kyiv Bohun military lyceum
2021 Shevchenko Studies  
The article deals with the topical problem of using Shevchenko's heritage in the context of novel hybrid war challenges during studying of the Ukrainian language and literature at Bohun Kyiv military lyceum. The innovative research includes the hottest educational problems of the given target audience, including humanistic and cultural consciousness of teenagers. Unveiling the potential of an inherited language program based on Shevchenko's heritage gives the novel possibility to form and learn
more » ... patriotic citizens. It is shown that forming of lyceum student's thinking is tightly connected with assimilation of lexicon in particular of the Shevchenko's subject matter. The main problems of humanitarian aspect of military education in a hybrid war environment are analyzed. The national verbal content and Shevchenko's heritage in particular effectively help not only to defend, but to offense as well. The life and art heritage of Taras Shevchenko is the basis for offensive informational and educational strategy at the Bohun Kyiv military lyceum. Educational and training tasks during studying of Shevchenko's heritage are analyzed, and include the formation of practical communicative skills of the new generation of lyceum students to be successfully self realized in a modern digitalized education. The obtained results include analysis of peculiarities of Shevchenko's heritage studying according to the Program and during additional events, and a positive feedback of lyceum students to the studied material. Curriculum vitae of Taras Shevchenko is given as an example of purposefulness, fortitude, courage and uncompromising, devotion to Ukraine. Addressing of the art heritage of Shevchenko has shown to be highly productive, among them visiting his memorial places in Kyrylivka, Moryntsi, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kholodny Yar, Kaniv, Chyhyryn, several places in Kazakhstan. It was confirmed that the Shevchenko's heritage means the consolidation of the army based on all-nation values of the state language, history, culture, history, enhancing its defense capability. These practical studies showed that using Shevchenko's heritage at military lyceum is a crucial tool of social views formation, motivation for self seeking, self establishing, in particular during complex transitional teenager period, and for preserving traditional moral imperatives and artistic-esthetical ideals.
doi:10.17721/2410-4094.2021.1(24).121-129 fatcat:beewm6n4tfck7ekkq6rlhnib7i