Analysis of a factor released from UV light-irradiated Dictyostelium discoideum

Hiro Yasukawa
2004 Gensei dobutsugaku zasshi  
The behavior of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum following UV irradiation was analyzed. Cells cultured in a liquid medium migrated at 4.5 + 0.7 µm/min, while their motility increased to 19.4 + 1.7 µm/min following UV irradiation (50 J/m 2 ). A conditioned medium prepared from the irradiated cells, CM (UV), was used in the following experiments. Motility of cells that had not been exposed to UV increased to 29.7 + 2.8 µm/min when the medium was changed to CM (UV). In addition, the
more » ... addition, the expression levels of recA and rad51 were increased and sensitivity to UV was decreased in these cells. These results indicate that UV light-irradiated D. discoideum cells release a factor that enhances motility and induces expression of DNA repair enzymes in unirradiated cells. The factor would be important for D. discoideum to alleviate damage. 127 Jpn.
doi:10.18980/jjprotozool.37.2_127 fatcat:tpbfalgw6bdullnk335bzcyuwm