Finding Inter-domain QoS Enabled Routes Using an Overlay Topology Approach

Şerban Gerogică Obreja, Ieee Member, Eugen Borcoci, Ieee Member
The transport of multimedia flows over the Internet needs to manage and control end to end Quality of Services (QoS) at transport level. One problem, which needs to be solved in this case, is finding inter-domain QoS enabled paths. This paper deals with the problem of establishing QoS enabled aggregated multi-domain paths, to be later used for many individual streams. It is proposed a simple but extendable procedure, based on overlay approach, to find several potential inter-domain end to end
more » ... domain end to end paths. The problem of QoS path finding is spilled in two phases. First several paths between the source and destination domains are found using the overlay topology. Then, the process of QoS path finding is completed in a second phase, when QoS enabled aggregated pipes are established, by negotiation between the domains' managers, along one of the paths founded in the first phase. The subsystem proposed is part of an integrated management system, multi-domain, dedicated to end to end distribution of multimedia streams.